Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fire under me...

I've thrown it all into going nuts. I can't stop making things. It feels so good. AND...is keeping my brain filled with creating instead of thinking. (Needed today)

My etsy page is empty! I'm sorry :(

It might remain that way tomorrow as well. I haven't decided if this might be my last post before our exit of California...or maybe split it into two? Either way I have 10 earrings as of now...and I'm still going. Lets not make promises because I don't think that works out for me but I'm looking at quite a few pieces. This is making me so happy...

If you could could see my work space right now...Its the worst its ever been and I LOVE IT!! MESSY MESSY MESSY!!

I have everything out and I'm finding amazing feathers!! I ordered a million feathers that are being shipped to New York so I'm using everything that I have here. Starting fresh when I get there. So lots is getting put together and shipped out before we leave.

My heart feels better after the last few hours of working and making some very unique and beautiful pieces. This is all good stuff.

When I say I love you all...LOVES...I really mean it. I appreciate all the support so much. 


I'll let you know tomorrow when the post is going to go up. I'm thinking Thursday morning? Also, I'll send out an email and post something on my Facebook page. 

Break time is over...




  1. so are you moving to ny? or just visiting?

  2. yes, please post it in the morning :)) it's +9hours difference from where i am, so when you post it late i'm already sleeping and when i wake up all the best stuff is sold haha. <3

  3. aww! I'm sorry! I know I've been posting a lot late since I've been in Orange County. :( Morning it is!

    And I think we're going to stay in NY!