Saturday, July 9, 2011


I really like how the freeze frame in EVERY one of my videos is SO funny!!


  1. You're right it's nearly impossible to get a good still for youtube videos unless you are a partner which is why mine always come out looking half crazy too =). I've a nail art channel (LLDBHB). In any event I really love the DC's. At first I thought the blue one was too wild (lol not sure I could pull it off) but after seeing in the video I do think it's gorgeous too! I went ahead and got the black one hahaha. I can't resist buying your pieces. I keep telling myself just one or two "treats" but I can't stop. You are really so creative and talented. I can't wait to see the new coyote earrings as well. Ah I'm so glad i discovered you through Kandee last year :) Take care mama :)


  2. They look great. I would also like the black one :)

  3. aww! I LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!!!

    I'll be making some more tonight! I'll make another black one! I'm trying to find some stuff to make smaller ones. They're kinda tricky to make but I'm getting it figured out!

    Tamira! I'll get some more coyote teeth up for you and anyone else that wants them. also, BLACK STONE FOX!! hehe... I'll email you :)