Saturday, May 18, 2013



I finally got a new Etsy account for my clothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heres some pictures of whats up...

Its been a long time coming! If youre still reading this blog you are awesome. I had another baby 6 weeks ago and am very excited :)  I hope my clothing can be as successful as my jewelry line was.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I just finished posting my LAST 4 SalvageLA pieces...

Here's the photos!

Seeing how....
I don't live in LA anymore a different name is fitting.

Not living in LA, I don't have all those awesome beads stores and my most favorite place that really made SalvageLA run....MOTHER PLUCKER (my feather wholesale place downtown. It was amazing)

Its time to move on and its time! I'm excited for BRUTAL OK. My clothing line that is starting just the way SalvageLA did. I take vintage clothes (mostly dresses and women's clothes) and cut them up and sew them back together with different fabrics, patches and patterns.

This is something that I've been passionate about for a long time but never gotten anything online. I've always made clothes for myself and friends, again much like how I did with jewelry!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you to everyone that has followed SalvageLA and helped me through some hard times :)

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

FOUR more for the beginning of the week!

These are up on etsy now! I just finished getting them posted :)

Happy October! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

more feathers going up on Etsy today!

Looks like my good ol' beaded stuff didn't hit the spot so much.

That's ok though. I made lots more feathers goodies since the only ones I put up last sold the first day.

Here's a preview...

I made two sets of really cool pairs! I love them :)

I'll get to posting!!

Monday, September 10, 2012


I'm far behind everything and where I thought that I might be starting to post on the reg, 

I'm getting MARRIED!! WHOOP WHOOP! hahaha


I'm PREGGERS! I'm 14 weeks along today :)

Planning a wedding is not something I've ever looked forward to. We are supposed to be getting married in 3 WEEKS! All I have done is written a list of things that I need to do. I'm just not good at this stuff. At all.

I am excited about having a new little one though. Its scary scary but I know everything will be just fine.

For those of you that have followed my blog and jewelry for the last few years know the ups and downs I've gone through with being a single mom and the struggle I've had with relationships. I've been from LA to NYC and now back to where I'm from Salt Lake City.

I wish my online business was as good as it used to be, but I only have myself to blame for that. I dropped the ball a lot when I moved from NY and didn't have help anymore. (I hate taking pictures and posting stuff of Etsy. I have ADD and just don't like computer stuff.)

I also wish I could say I would post stuff more often.

BUT, I do appreciate all of you that still buy my heart felt goodies that I create. Even if its a rare occasion that I get stuff up online. I guess I could use a little fire under my ass :)

Here are some of the things I just posted online



They were all fun to make and I hope they sale so I'll make some more.

I would love to hear some feed back :)

Fall is around the corner and I'm thinking of all the fun things that I love to make. Not just earrings. Don't be surprised if I start posting random scarfs I've made or clothes I've been working on. I think this might be a good way to get me motivated again.

Well, much love to you all! I hope you like the things I've made this week.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012



I finally remembered my password! Its been awhile and I've been trying to figure it out for weeks now. I don't use my email address that I sign in with so I couldn't have it sent to me.

For any of you that might still follow my blog, I just posted some cool new earrings on Etsy!

These are fun because I'm doing to them Made to Order so if you want different colors in the beads you just let me know!

I've been working a lot on my clothing line. I bought a serger a few weeks ago. Its a lot different trying to get pictures of full dresses instead of a small earring. I'm moving this weekend close to some good girl friends so I'm sure they will model for me and I can get some cool photos.

Much love to all of you that might still be reading!!


Saturday, December 31, 2011


BLAH! Finally! Everytime I get stuff together for Etsy, a shop buys me out. I'm sorry you guys. 

Happy New Year by the way!!!!!! WHOA! I'm going to work a graveyard tonight and I'm not excited :(


Heres the new pieces I just put up...

I have a ton to say but I can't sit at this computer any longer! hahaha...I'm going to take a nap before work :(

I hope you guys like my new stuff! Much love. Happy New Year :)