Thursday, July 7, 2011

Coming tonight!!

good MORNING!!!

So I think everyone liked the earrings I put up the other day?

The ones with the fringe plus more feathers sold first so I think today I'm going to make a few more of those.

I'm going to keep it simple today because I also have to make an order and Sladen is here all day with me. But I'll have another 5 up later.

I'm missing Jon pretty bad

Early start this morning sounds about right. Coffee...Here I COME!  If you guys have any requests of stuff you'd like to see, Please let me know! You can comment here or post something on the fan page!

I'm totally out of dyed bright feathers so it'll be all natural ones for a minute! Which is the best I think.


I'll post on FACEBOOK when I get pictures done and starting to put new things up!



  1. Cardi I haven't been to your etsy shop in so long. I missed so many great pieces! Are you going to be doing any more of the antler earrings again or maybe they were coyote teeth? Those were too cool. I'd like to see more double layered earrings like the huge ones I bought in the fall with the conchos oh and skulls love skulls lol. In any event hang in there mama I will definitely be around more frequently to show support and love. Hope all is well!


  2. AWW! Thank you soo much! I'll have some good stuff going up tomorrow! I'll post some more coyote teeth ones too! I just sent some to Kandee! I hope she likes them...

  3. I just found your blog and missed the stuff your sold on the 8th. When will you have more items?

  4. I'll have more going up this evening! I always give a heads up on my facebook page!

  5. Cardi,
    My request is... an earring with the long skinny feathers with the little skull on top (like the one you have on your blog page). One of those, and just a skull dangly earring solo (like the other one on your blog page) for the other side if possible!! Let me know if this is do-able and how much it qould cost $$
    Thanks so much :)

  6. oh man! Those little skinny rooster feathers are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO expensive now! Its not even worth it. The pelts are around 400 dollars!Plus those birds are getting raised and killed now just for their feathers in very large amounts.

  7. @Francis
    Oh really? I was unaware of that, that is terrible. Well in that case Cardi, maybe something similar than than doesn't involve the skinny rooster feathers? Let me know