Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Last Etsy post :(


I was up late last night and realized that I'm leaving in 5 days! Holy cow. I'm totally filled with anxiety.

Today is Wednesday...
That means, tomorrow morning I'm going to post a lot....(by a lot, I mean more than my 5 pieces I've been doing lately. 3x-ish)...
That means, the stuff I post tomorrow will only be online for 2 days!! I have to get everything that's sold shipped out Saturday (leaving Monday before the post office opens). Plus, I'm shipping all my jewelry stuff to NY on Friday so I don't have to take drills, razorblades, boxes of beads, leather, feathers, metal goods, etc. ...haha....on the airplane. SO...this will be the last bunch of California creations!! :(

My plan is get everything on Etsy tonight...But I'll keep it all hidden until the morning. That way its all done and ready to go first thing when I wake up. I'm a late owl, as some of you know....I prefer to play all day and then work odd hours in the night with a cup of coffee. BUT...I know not everyone is AND I'm on the West Coast...everyone is ahead of me time wise!!

I feel the need to explain this all very clearly for some reason :) is it making sense? or am I rambling?

OK...COFFFFFEEE TIME! My favorite. Then its work time.

Check for my email later...Let me know if they are coming through. I'm not sure how this BBC thing works if it all. I'll have pictures attached!! WHOA!




  1. Oh yay! I saw your last comment under the dreamcatcher post and now I'm so excited, but please take care of yourself too! Moving is just so draining - physically and mentally plus you have the little one. I'm definitely a permanent fan so I don't want to see you run ragged lol from moving and creating and living. Good luck on your work this evening and have a cup of coffee for me (gives me terrible migraines but I miss the stuff!).


  2. I used to be just like you.. and I still get this creative urges only at night.. It's the best time to be awake and create :) especially in the hot summer, like now in Europe.. All the best in NY Cardi