Saturday, June 18, 2011

lovely Afternoon!

I'm here working away...good stuff!

I have 5 earrings to post in a few hours as of now and I'm making a few more. I think in totally I'll have 8 to post around 4ish.


Rockin' and Rollin'


Since I'm at my moms house, I'm going to be picking up a few shifts at the bar I used to work at. I'm working tomorrow for the Fathers day brunch and then going to San Diego to see my friend Nick so I won't be posting anything tomorrow. It'll be fun though to work at the bar a little bit. I used to make really good money there and I need all the extra cash I can get for New York! As of now I'm planning on leaving the first week of July. I already have a shop there that wants to buy my stuff! Kinda cool. I'm a bit worried though about finding a good preschool for Sladen. I know its going to be a lot different then LA for him. I'm thinking to move to Portland at the end of the summer. For some reason I feel the Northwest will be a good place to settle down for me and my little guy. I don't think I want to go back to LA. Haha...He's getting older now and I realize I have to find a place we both love and stay put for once. Its awesome though because I can take my business anywhere and be there with him. What a good deal this is. I'm lucky.  :)

Orange County is a funny place.

Oh yea...I also have a new chain necklace earring thing too. Its doesn't have feathers and is pretty simple. I like it.

I have to take Sladen to the store real quick to get a toy I promised him if he let me work for a few hours. haha...He's asked me about every hour patiently if I'm done yet. So cute. But I guess it'll keep him busy while I finish up.

LOVES TO ALL! Check back a bit later for new STUFF!! WHOA!!!


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