Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jewelry Show In Encinitas!

Good Morning everyone!

So I'm doing a jewelry show tomorrow night near San Diego. If anyone lives in the area you're more than welcome to come! I'm going to be working all day today and tomorrow morning to get ready for it.

New items will go up on Etsy Thursday

This jewelry show kinda came out of no where but I'm excited to do it. I also just got an order from a shop called Old Hollywood in Brooklyn, NY. I'm gonna be BUSY! I need to take a trip to LA to get some supplies!

If you are interested in going, Send me an email at cardibeutler@hotmail.com I'll get you the address!


For any of you that are interesting in my momma's baby blanket, I got a few posted for her last night!

Her Etsy account is     www.etsy.com/shop/designsbyallyson

Its too early for me... Sladen and I are going for COFFEE then coming back to work.



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