Monday, May 2, 2011

having fun

I've been here making stuff for hours now and I'm so STOKED on the stuff!! hahaha, Its so FUNKY!!

I can't wait to get them posted.

Theres 7 right now, but I'm on a roll!!  I think I'm going to keep making stuff until 5pm my time and then start taking photos. They should be up around 7ish!!



  1. Are you not on FB anymore?

  2. You know what would be cool? I have been thinking that the one thing I don't like about etsy is once sold the pic is gone. If you made a picture gallery of all the stuff you have made. I love seeing your work and when I miss the posts, I don't get to see everything you post because it gos so fast. Just a thought ;)

  3. I'm on FB. I just use my personal account though. I can't figure out quite how to work the fan pages. haha...its really strange because it wants you to link a personal page to your fan page and I always end up creating a new account for myself. I think I'll look at it again right now though while I'm just sitting here...the picture gallery is a good idea. Jon used to do all that stuff for me but hasn't been lately :( I'll get back on it!!

  4. @Deaette
    I love to check out all the earrings that have been made and even sold to, and if you click on her "sales" under "shop info" you can see all the amazing pics of all the earrings that have been posted and sold super quick! Just thought i'd let you know incase you didn't already :)