Tuesday, May 3, 2011



I'm leaving tomorrow to go down to my moms house in the afternoon and then leaving for Utah Thursday morning from her house. I have to go down to the OC to get Sladens car seat... argh...

Today I'm going to post at least 5 more earrings. I want to post tomorrow but I might be getting ready to go. Also, Shipping everything thats sold yesterday and today. Whats left on etsy will be deactivated for the week I'll be gone.

I'm so excited to FINALLY get to the Utah. But, I'll be hard to take another week off work :(  I'm hoping though that I'll be able to open a few accounts out there at some really cool hair salons and shops. I'll be doing a bit of work. I think as well I might try to take all my stuff with me and get a few things posted here and there and shipped from Salt Lake.

ok, so look for some stuff in a bit! I'm getting a little bit of an earlier start today so it won't be such a late post


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  1. Hey Cardi,
    love love love your earrings!!!
    I would really like to see another "pirate love earring" but with a vintage fabric wrap at the top with one of those little skull heads somewhere in the wrap.. or do you think that would be too busy!? let me know :)
    Thanks and drive safe