Tuesday, April 26, 2011

hello helllo


I feel like I'm losing a bit of steam here. All last week has totally thrown me off. A combination of things and events. blah.

Tomorrow starts my week alone :( I'm kind of excited but kind of not at all.

Just me, Sladen and the dogs.

I'm a bit worried about working the camera tomorrow to get some new stuff up. But I'm going to have Jon help me today get the settings right.

I think I'm going to have a few more just simple things. I'm guessing the stuff I still have up right now might be a bit much. I would like it have just some basic, lower priced items. What do you think? Let me know, But thats what I'm going for for the post tomorrow.

I'm still waiting for my tax return...ARGH! its killing me. Its supposed to be in my account today. If it comes tonight I'm going to go get myself a small digital camera. I'm so excited! I also need new glasses asap. Tax returns are the best.

I'll post tomorrow one when somethings are going to be up. Having this time alone will be awesome because I'm easily distracted by everything going on around this house. DOGS, PEOPLE, KIDS...Theres 6 people that live in the house and 4 dogs. Its nuts. We all work from home and are here all the time. I used to have my own jewelry room which I would probably kill to have back. I might in a few weeks because the girl thats renting the room is going back to the Netherlands. Jon and I aren't moving for probably another month.

Anyway darlings...please check out the stuff tomorrow. Let me know if theres anything your looking for.

Much Loves


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  1. awwww you poor thing! Take a moment for yourself when you are alone and just relax. do some yoga! what kind of camera are you getting? I cant wait to get a new one myself for my blog and youtube channel. Dont worry about working the camera...you create beautiful jewelry..you can work that camera!!! Love ya!