Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy easter!

It's been a few days. I've been a bit everywhere and back and forth.


But tomorrow is back to la. With Sladen...Monday, time to start work again.

There's still 6 things on etsy...I guess they're kinda different pieces. Maybe not what people are wanting.

I'm thinking maybe I'll post on Wednesday. Get new things up and sale the ones that are up now to a few shops here in la.

Sound good?

Well, happy Easter for those of you that are on the Easter train today. Jon and I are relaxing while my mom is at church with all the kids. Hahaha we just hid easter eggs...we got bored with just candy and quarters so we decided to hide a few with snails in them. There's snails everywhere down here at my moms! I thought that would make them laugh. Sladen will love it.

Loves everyone.


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