Wednesday, April 27, 2011


OK you guys...

I have a surprise!! 

The next few days, things I'm going to post are going to be at flea market prices. I know things have been a bit spendy and its awesome that I can sell my work for prices that they are sold in shops here in LA its been really cool for me.

Things have slowed down on etsy. To be honest...its scary because I depend on it for living. I'm rethinking  and realizing maybe a change will be good. Give something back for everyone that has helped and supported me through this. 

Everyone is leaving the house here in about an hour. So...QUITE, PEACEFUL time for me to work. Postings won't go up until later this evening, give me some time to take photos and get things posted. 

I'll be posting stuff for the rest of the week. I haven't put up anything new in about a week so I'm HOPING that people are waiting for new things. 

please check them out! I'm stoked to get new stuff up and see how some new prices work out. 



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