Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday thursday

Jon just finished posted some stuff!!

I made these really cool fringe earring that hang from a bone!!
I'm making one for myself as well!

Check out what else we got for the day...I have some more little one-sided crystal things...some concho pieces...some singles...We'll have more tomorrow around the same time as well!!




  1. love love LOVE it cardi! and I'm so happy for you guys getting a new camera! When're you guys going to do videos?! that would be awesome :D

  2. Hey it's been a while Cardi, how are you? :) I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE these new fringe ideas with the bones, they are just stunning! I couldn't help myself and I got the super colorful macaw conch one , it was just too gorgeous to pass up. Keep up the good work and I enjoy seeing your creations continue to evolve into the most beautiful pieces I've ever seen! <3

  3. Thank you so much you guys!!

    The camera we got doesn't shoot video :( But I think I'm just going to get a flip!! I love those things...

    DeAsha...I just shipped out your earring! It should be there Monday!

    Much Love!