Wednesday, March 23, 2011

of course

We're posting late.    Again.

We had stuff up earlier...Jon had to run some errans and my shipping adventurer took a lot longer than I thought this morning.

Jon just posted 2 more hair clips. I love love them!! They are so much fun to make and I think they are killlller in! I made my friend Cristel model them in the pictures. I just don't think you get the full effect in my crazy red hair for modeling pictures.

I'm so sleepy tonight. I'm ready for bed a few hours ago. hahaha.  I still have work to do...I think its because ITS SOOO COLD! I don't want to do anything else beside crawl in bed and huggle my boys!   I'm sure a lot of you are still in snow from the winter and here I am complaining about the cold 60 degree rain. :)

ok, I'm going to go finish a few earrings and hit the sack!

much love!


1 comment:

  1. Cardi! you're such a hard worker! love it

    I'm in LA too... and I know it may feel wrong to complain about the weather.... but...WE chose to live in "SUNNY CA" ... lol

    A trip to Palm Springs seems more necessary each day

    love n' light