Friday, March 25, 2011


OH my gosh...

I'm so full. Anyone coming to the LA HAVE to go to  ROSCO'S Chicken and Waffles.

I can't even move I just ate so much food.

Tomorrow Tomorrow

There will be more earrings posted tomorrow. I'm not 100 percent what time but I'm guessing later afternoonish. 

I'll make a few more hair clips too! I have an order from a local shop in West Hollywood to fill next week as well for hair clips and a few earrings. 

Everyone that ordered last Friday should get their earring by tomorrow if you live in the states. Let me know how they are!! I got a bunch of stuff sent out today too

I think I'm going to go put some hair dye in my hair....saying goodbye to my bright red for awhile :(  

Look for new items tomorrow!! WHOA!!



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