Saturday, March 26, 2011

new Items going up!

Good morning! Afternoon...Evening....where ever you are :)

We have some earrings going up soon! Some really cool singles and a few conch pieces.

I think my bone fringe ones I'm going to sale to a shop out here. Maybe the bone is too strange?

Also...If you guys like vintage clothes check out my friends ebay store! She has lots of cute shirts this week that I like a lot.  I'm bidding on two dresses! hahaha...I try and buy them from her before she puts them up on ebay but its a no go :)

I'm going to finish making some stuff, Jon needs the computer to start uploading pictures.




  1. I really just adore the bone fringe ones Cardi :) the black one is just soo awesome! I totally want one, but unfortunately they are a bit too pricey for me :( maybe next time

  2. Check it out... we did
    a hefty price drop on both!

    These both took some time so it's the
    best we can do, but more are soon to come
    that could be a bit more affordable.