Sunday, March 27, 2011

SUNDAY sunday


I'm going to do a big post...


This will give me some time to get some new supplies (much needed) and make a ton of stuff.

I can see whats been selling this weekend so far, so I'm going to do more of what seems to be liked :)

Feedback is always appreciated from you guys too. I like to hear what styles and things everyone is liking and wanting.

We still haven't found a place to move. bummmmer. But, We can stay where we are for a another month. Thankfully.

So that means more time to focus on making jewelry! My favorite! This moving thing has been stressing me out big time. Plus, I'm hoping to get my tax return before we move :) We have no furniture, kitchen ware...all that stuff that we should have, we don't. Long story. 

I have a pile of dishes to do real quick, finish my sunday cleaning I started. meh. I've never missed a dishwasher as much as I do now. ahahahaha...

I'll blog again...but THURSDAY! It's on!! 

Much love to you all. xoxoxo



  1. YAYY im so excited! i bought that color craze single earring (so happy you posted another one)and I can't wait to get it!! Do you know around what time on Thursday you will post? B/C i would like to make another purchase ;)

  2. can you make more earrings like these


  3. More PURPLE & bright colors please!!!!!

  4. oh my gosh! I just got purple feathers today!! they are small but I can't wait to post some earrings with them!!

  5. yay yay yay!! so i live in nc which is a 3 hour times difference from you, so about what time will you start posting so i can be on guard and not get left in the dark, so to speak!! lol