Wednesday, March 30, 2011




I'm such a dork.


earrings tomorrow will be posted at NOON

I promise. Thats Pacific Standard Time. ( not Cardi time)

Heres a little preview of whats going up so far!!

LOOK AT THOSE CRAZY PINK FEATHERS!!! hahaha....I just got them today! I thought they were cute :)

Anyway...Theres many more!! Just thought I'd give you guys a little peek

Theres going to be lots of variety. Colored feathers, natural feathers, conch pieces, a few hair clips. We've got it all!!

MUCH LOVE! as always! 



  1. will you please put the bone feather back up on etsy. I have money now

  2. We have one left....
    the torqouise and tan, smaller one.
    It will be up at noon tomorrow!

  3. Hoooooray... i will def buy it when it goes up and maybe a few other Salvage LA pieces too for the spring. I want to always have happy feathers in my hair at all times too.

  4. Hey cardi! Is it possible you could send me some of your cards? I'd love to pass them out and put them in places people could see them, like my friend's salon :)

  5. Hey, is this all.. 10 earrings? Or more are coming? Thanks.

  6. yea 10 things (not even, since a couple of those were ones from last time) isn't "20+", there wasn't even hair clips..
    & why do you hide the ones that don't sell right away? -it might be good for you guys to keep something in your shop at all times since 99% of the time your shop is empty.
    don't get me wrong I know you're doing what you can, just some advice!
    I personally think you should add a couple earrings daily.

  7. I CAN ONLY MAKE SO MUCH!!!! everything I make is DIFFERENT and takes time to make. Sometimes my earrings sale faster than my hands and head can work. Plus pictures and posting takes a few extra hours. AND...I am a single mother of a 4 year old that can't let me work for more than 15 minutes at a time (bless his heart, he is the most important thing)

    Thanks for your understanding. I'm lucky to be able to be doing what I am doing and SOOO lucky to have such wonderful people like Kandee Johnson that has lead most of you to me and my jewelry. All of her fans are as beautiful as she is.

    I'm sorry that sometimes my posting are later than expected or not as many pieces as I thought I would have. I have a lot of local people and shops that buy from me as well and sometimes that would cut into my etsy earrings too.


  8. hey do you have a price list of how much these amazing earrings cost? I would love to buy one eventually lol :] AMAZING work doll :D