Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sladen Jon and I haven't moved from bed all day!
We got a California King from my mom the other day and its probably the most amazing bed EVER! It has a Temperpic (sp?) foam pad on the top! It takes up half the room but its worth it!
Sladen woke up this morning with a fever of 101 :( Its gone down now but he is for sure not feeling good. He just had a bloody nose for 45 minutes!! Poor guy. Last Sunday I was really sick too so I think he got that nasty flu that I had. Its hard to see your baby not feeling good. It breaks my heart.

I'm feeling a little bit better than I did last night. I guess this whole quiting my job thing is still pretty scary. I worry a lot if I'll have to go back to work... and money and Sladen....but I decided today I'm going to start making more of other things. This whole feathered earring thing has totally taken over and its all I make now!! Which is ok because I love to make them and will continue to make them as much as I do now. But, I'm going to start working harder and working a lot more. I'm going to get a new sewing machine with my tax return and start making dresses again! Also making more of my earrings out of chains and charms. It was just an eye opener today that there's a whole lot more I can do. And I need to do. I've always had a really hard time with timelines and I'm realizing more and more if I'm going to work for myself I need to be more constance with how I'm going to do things. All of you guys have been extremely understanding and patient with how we've been posting. I really appreciate it., I'm going to write out a plan. A weekly goal and task sheet. I feel dorky but I guess its kinda what I need to keep myself in line and organized.

Sladen is watching Open Season and finally starting to smile and laugh for the first time today. So tomorrow is Monday and its time to get back to work.

Thanks for the love and support! Thanks for letting me vent and being understanding while I'm learning in this process.

Jonathan got the ruff version of his new song posted on his myspace page too! Its not done yet but I really love it! He's working on the ending, adding some gospel back ground singers and stuff. If you can't tell, I listen to lots of music and its a daily part of my life in so many ways. I like to share songs and bands that I like :)
The songs called "Feeling Low".

alright...I'm going to see if I can get Sladen to eat something.

Much love you guys.


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