Sunday, March 6, 2011

- Blue Bird

I just got back from Joshua Tree. Finding myself emotional and exhausted.

I think theres a bit of worry steering around in my head, maybe I've just been spoiled. Theres been 5 earrings up for sale today. I think the longest standing earrings I've had. I know I've been inconsistent with posting and timing....maybe you guys could help me out. I need some feedback...

We went to Joshua Tree for my roommates photo shoot. Sladen and I just ran around the desert for a 3 hours trying to catch lizards while they took photos of their models. Her jewelry line got pick up by Urban Outfitters and shes making a website. She started doing feather stuff too.

I guess theres just a lot on my mind tonight...everyone just left to go out. Sladen is sleeping. I'm typing. Its quiet now in the house...It was a circus just a few minutes ago.

I posted one of my favorite songs. I guess it pretty much sums up how I feel tonight :(

Netflix should see me to sleep!

Goodnight to all



  1. I wish I could buy one but I just can't justify buying one earring for almost $50...I know it's probably worth it and everything is hand made but in this economy these days it's just not gonna happen...

  2. I totally understand. My materials seem to get more and more expensive as my designs get more and more unique, I hate it but we have to keep up with whats out there. A lot of the feathers I use are rare and hard to get at times, plus putting things together does take some time.

    You just wont find anything like it.
    There are plenty of earrings out there for less if that's what your looking for, but i think people come to us for a reason. And since our pieces are so unique and time consuming .. selling them for any less would result in us loosing

  3. I actually would love to get a pair of earrings! Checking your website everyday but it seems that with time difference I never manage to get a pair... I wonder if you would consider a "special" order? Anyway, I'm sure I will get a pair at some point, and I'm absolutely confident the earrings left will be gone soon.

  4. I think you just need to keep making new earrings and eventually everything will sold out. Don't let the time be a problem.
    I agree that you guys have the best feather earrings. I especially love the colors, and how you combine it. You have an amazing talent, just relax, and enjoy your talent... I think that's where your focus should be :)