Friday, March 4, 2011

3rd posts the charm!

Late as always.

I don't know what time zone I'm in. :)

Jon is taking photos!! We got a hold of our roommates camera so earrings will be posted within the hour!! WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!! What a day.

We're taking a last minute break from the city and going to Joshua Tree in the morning. I'm so excited. I love LA but I love leaving too. Joshua Tree is beautiful. I can't wait.

All the earrings that are going to be posted are singles. No conch pieces, nothing crazy. They are all simply wonderful. I did a few shorter ones too! I spent some good time this morning making Kandee things!! Shes been over due for a few new things from me.

Thanks for you understanding and patience with me and my crazy head schedule! I'm getting it slowly figured out.


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