Monday, March 7, 2011

quiet night

if anyone is a Pandora fan...tonight is the night for Sigur Ros station!

Is anyone else a stubborn Taurus? I'm the worst.

I'm making some new stuff tonight. I mean, feathered earrings, but funky different ones. I haven't wrapped anything yet but I have about 10 ready to wrap. I bought some dyed feathers that I thought I would use but haven't yet...tonight is the night I guess.

My question is this...I have some I can do in funky pairs? or I can combine them in one? With a concho? I know for sure I'll have 3 pairs that are really crazy! but theres a few I'm not sure what to do with. It could go either way.

I'm planning on staying up for the next few hours to create. I don't get peace and quiet very much in the house and now its very peaceful. I have the living room to I'm going with it. I'm in quite the mood so I think I've scared everyone into their rooms :/  ahaha...I think I forgot to eat today.

Stay posted on when these things are going to be up. I still don't have a camera so I want to get as many things at once as I can for a little photo shoot. Maybe Wednesday? My roommate said I can use his camera until I get one. Hes a sweetheart.

I'm going to get back to work before I get too sleepy :)



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