Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Orange County!

whoa....Life changes. Man....

My fever is back :(

Were moving. Again.

How fun.

Jon Sladen and I are going down to my moms. She has a camera that we can use and we could really use the peace and quite. And I need a momma hug :)

So I'm thinking this stuff I have and more will be posted on Friday morning. I'm going to take all my stuff with me so I can create some new goodies while I'm theres.

Much love...



  1. I'm DYING to have one of your earrings! Everytime you put some up for sale I'm always a day late & a dollar short :( Your work is beautiful & I hope you continue to do more and more. Eventually I will get my "Cardi" earring and will rock the heck out of it!! As for feedback, I do wish that there was a consistent flow of items for sale, it's kinda like black friday trying to find the "one" and getting to it before someone else. I know it's hard work and you put a lot of time into each one, I'm just giving you my input. Your AMAZING at what you do! Hope to be able to buy from you soon!!! Much Love :)

  2. Aww. I hope you feel better! You're a full time Momma and you work hard creating your beautiful art pieces. Don't forget to rest and sleep well inbetween! =D