Tuesday, March 15, 2011



I'm getting kinda crazy today with my earrings. hahaha....

Because I can't get a lot of the feathers I usually use I'm dipping into really cool dyed feathers!! I had a few over the weekend I sold but I got some more!! I had a few people ask for pink feathered earrings so here they come! They are bright and fun! Totally different from anythings I've made before. I really hope you guys like them. RED AND PINK!! YAY! Of course there will be my natural earrings too :)

I'm making more crystal earrings as well! The ones I posted all sold. Seems like its a good price point and I think they are really good to wear on the other side of the feathers. I'll have around 15 posted Friday with around 30 feathered earrings!! It will be a very big post for us. I'm excited!

Can you guys hold off until Friday? If I get everything done I might go down to my moms on Thursday to start taking photos...But lets still plan on Friday.

Ok, I'm on a roll today. I'm enjoying the warm day with doors open, good music and creating.
I'm going to get back to work

Lots of LOVE! Those of you that ordered over the weekend, your earrings should be there by the end of the week! Let me know how you like them!!


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