Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday work day...

I'm going into a working craze for the next few days.

 I'm excited to go shopping today for new stuff! I'm going to get some more of those red feathers! Seems like that was the first to sale and I had more people asking about it.  And the orange feather too? They have just about every color you could imagine at one of the places I buy from...I've never used dyed feathers before this so its kind of fun.

I need to buy some new leather too!!! The place I usually get it from is closed Sunday Monday and Tuesday so I have to go to this place in Silverlake which is more expensive. I won't buy much, just enough to get me by then I'll go to my good spot!

Seems like my little crystal earrings did good too!! I love making those! They look so good on the other ear with a feathered earring! I just sent one to Kandee as well. I'll keep making them and putting them up. I forgot to add one last night so I just posted one more.

SO>>>> I'm thinking Friday will be the day to post again! I want to get a lot together so I can post a bunch at once. Then I can have the weekend off :)

Stay tuned. But that sounds like the plan. I hate giving times because I suck at them. Sorry. When I say 1pm, I really mean 4pm. Hahahaha...I'm the worst. But Friday afternoon for sure.

Much love!!


  1. Cant wait!!! So excited to see the way the Lord has blessed you!

  2. Is there anyway you can make more like the long lace wrap that was sold on March 6th? I totally missed out on buying it and would love to own one of your pieces.

  3. can you make just a plain parrot one? just the parrot feather.

  4. When are you going to post videos?

  5. have you shipped the earrings from last week yet? :)

  6. oh man...more are coming friday!! I'll keep those things in mind for sure. I can totally do just plain simple earrings. Sometimes its really hard for me to do simple!! I like to add as much stuff as possible.
    videos are coming as soon as i get something to take video with!!!!
    love you all!

  7. oh yea...all earrings are shipped that sold over the weekend!!! they'll be there shortly!!

  8. Hey Cardi! Kandee referred me to you...

    I am looking to make some feather goodies (mostly feather extensions) at a farmer's market this weekend so I can send the proceeds to Japan. If you could help by guiding me as to where I can buy feathers for a reasonable price I'd really appreciate it.

    THanx in advance,

    Neena Jay

    *I am now following you, feel free to follow me too <3

    Love n' Light!

    youtube channel: theneenajay

  9. oh thats awesome!!
    The feather extension are blowing up!!! I can't even get the long skinny rooster feathers for my earrings anymore. They are sold out everywhere!! Or its about 50 dollars for like 12 feathers. ITS CRAZY! I'm not even using those feathers anymore.
    If YOU find anywhere you can get them let me know!
    Good luck!