Friday, March 18, 2011


Nothing is working out today. Hhahahah I swear.

We're getting pictures taken right now. We missed the train down my moms house this morning so we've been trying to get a hold of a camera all afternoon.

Our dear friend Chase came home early for work so we could use his to get this stuff posted!! The internet has been down at our house so I couldn't even post to let you guys know. I'm sorry :(

Anyway...There are 24 feather earrings...3 feathers hair extension clips (which are new and AMAZING! I'm going to post a video about them, how to put them in, wear them ect.) and 6 other little crystal and skull earrings.  I have one very special earring that is a real sea horse in a glass vile. 

They should start to go up within the next couple hours. This post has lots of colors! I'm trying out the dyed feathers to see how they go, most of the earrings that will posted will be in 25-35 dollar range. Which I'm sure lots of people will like!

ok, I'm going to go do some more ear modeling for Jon! hahaha...I just dyed my hair again yesterday so don't get the red feathers lost in my red hair!


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