Friday, February 4, 2011

second time around!

ok you guys!

internet is up and running back at our Echo Park Inn! I've been busy making things all day and Jonathan has been taking pictures and posting! YAY!

There are 9 pieces up right now! Its so cool to make things through out the day without the stress of worrying about the flea market! Usually I'm bustin a move on Saturday night to make everything for Sunday morning at the Melrose Trading Post.

I think for the rest of the evening I'm going to make some more of my fringe earrings. I had some posted on Etsy before and they didn't sale, but they sale first at the flea market. I think maybe they are something you have to see in person. I'll try again though.

I hope you guys enjoy what I've made today. Its been another day of work! I wish I could hire someone to make stuff with me but I'm so picky about how things are done and the way they should look :) So check it out!



  1. If I am not seeing anything on the sight I am assuming that means they are all sold already?

  2. I keep missing it! They sell SO fast!!!