Saturday, February 5, 2011


I put up one of my necklaces on Etsy. More earrings are coming though for sure! I've got some more original pieces in the works.
Today has been a hard day with Sladen. He is 4 and has needed LOTS of attention today. I'm finding it hard to get work done. Plus, we have some friends in from out of town. Argh. The bbq is going, a beautiful day here in LA.

When I started making jewelry, I started with just making necklaces. KE$SHA ($ hahah $) and Billy Gibbons have a few of my necklaces they bought from me from the Trading Post. I'm going to post some more next week. I wore the one I have posted for a while, always with the intent to sell it though. Its just really cool.

I'll probably only have 5 earrings to post tonight and its already getting dark so Jon will have to use the studio lights. I like pictures in the natural sunlight a lot more but, we'll work with it.

Thank you all for your patiences and understanding. Tomorrow will be a good day because I'll have the house to myself since we're not doing the flea market. I'll be able to spent the day creating :)



  1. HI Cardi! I love your blog. I found you through Kandee Johnson who is a sweetheart & I'd like to award you with the styling blogger award.

    Check out my post to Accept this award.

  2. heyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

    ur earings are AMAAZING!!!

    i found u through Kandee Johnson <3 im sure alot of us have. isnt she just amazing!!!

    ill check back for some earings, looks like ur out of them right now :D mwah

  3. do you mail them internationally? I LOVE those feather earrings! they look SO stylish and lovely :D

  4. thank you so much you guys!! we ship all over the world!!
    Jen, I'm going to check it out right now! Thank you thank you!!!