Friday, February 4, 2011

coffee shop in' it up.

I don't think the internet going down at the house could have come at a worse time. SO LAME!

We got a few things posted before the coffee shop closed last night, everything has sold. I'M TELLING YOU!!!!! I CAN'T MAKE THINGS FAST ENOUGH! I worked for 10 hours yesterday and I'm about ready to go put in another 10! Totally excited about it!!

Just a few months ago I was working 12 hour days at Juicy Couture. The bus ride was 3 hours a day all together from downtown LA to Beverly Hills. My son was pretty much living at my moms house in Orange County. I only had time and energy to make my jewelry just a few days out of the week. This is really amazing for me to work from home doing something I LOVE, having wonderful people all over the world appreciating what I do, having my little Sladen with me all the time!! I'm so stoked right now! Jonathan has been a huge asset and inspiration for me and what my visions on how I want to things to look in the future for Salvage LA. He is an amazing musician and has taken a large chunk of his time for his music to help me get all this rolling! You guys should check out his music myspace!
I'm going to be recording and playing a few shows with him too soon which I'm PUMPED on.

OK OK...Enough typing, More crafting. Sladen and I are done with our drinks, I think the people in the coffee shop are getting sick of looking at me!

The internet should be fixed by this afternoon so more goodies will be posted on etsy!!! WHOA!

Much LOVE!


  1. So excited I found your site. Can't wait to purchase some of your amazing creations! Also hoping my Native American halloween costume planned for this year can be accompanied by one of your amazing earrings!

  2. i will order as soon as can :) your work is amazing <3