Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wow what a day ...

Hey everyone!

I'ts Jonathan here.
I just want to let everyone know
that we are sooooooo sorry but there was not much we
could post today due to our INTERNET
being in and out of service for some odd
reason ALL DAY.

sO, we got as much as we could posted for tonight,
we hope ju like...
but no worries, come tomorrow we will be back on the posting
train because Cardi is working overtime and all night!
to make sure that we get you guys as much as we can through out
this weekend.

Thanks to all you guys for the emails and support, we love you dearly...
we wanna make sure everyone is as happy as
we are.

Again thank you
and be sure to check in our Etsy shop through out the weekend
Because we will be posting, and we hope you enjoy!

Goodnight for tonight,



  1. I am trying so hard to order some of your fantastic earrings and for the life of me I can't figure out how to do it. Am I having computer brain cramp or what??? Please help!

  2. @starla There's a link on her blog to her Etsy account. You should be able to get straight to her shop. Make sure you create an Etsy account for yourself. When there's listings up, click on the one you want and add it to cart, then proceed to checkout. You should be able to enter your information and viola! Beautiful earring for you :) Check back periodically though, her stuff goes fast. Hope this helped :)