Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hoy Hoy!!

I've been getting lots of emails about how people just keep missing the Etsy posts :( You guys are fast!!


I'm going to work for 3 days and post 30 + pieces on Friday morning. I feel like everyone would have a better chance at getting something. Plus, you guys would have more options. I'm running very low on Macaw feathers...but I'm going to work with I have and get creative with other things.

Let me know if you agree with the plan :)



  1. I agree ! Thanks Cardi, I will be on your shop bright and early Friday morning. Might even pull an all nighter on Thursday ha ha .

  2. Yup they do go fast!!!!!! I only see the necklace every time I go on!!!!!

  3. I know...no one wants my necklace! hahaha

  4. Im soo excited! Can you tell us a time you're going to be posting them?

  5. yes! I thought it was going to be around noon Pacific time...but its looking like it'll be more around 2ish. We've had some camera issues :( I will post a blog an hour before things start going up!! Theres some really good ones! hehehe...I'll post some photos of what I have so far!