Sunday, February 13, 2011

Got some stuff posted!

I made 10 pieces today and they're all up! I know its kinda late...but they are there!

I'm going bead shopping tomorrow so I can make more concho pieces with bead work.

Also, for those of you that have bought from me that live out of the states...let me know how it works with customs! Should I check that its a gift and not put the value? Help me out, I really don't know whats best but just saw someone had to pay extra to customs. Thats BS!!

Oh my gosh...I am so TIRED!! So excited to go get in bed!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Always lots of love!



  1. my gosh, everytime I get on your etsy shop, the feather earrings are all gone ha ha . Good for you, bad for me ! My hubby was going to order me one for vday, it might be for my birthday in July at this rate haha . Love your stuff ! I'm really looking for something somewhat simple with a few tan and blue feathers with silver at the top . Similar to the picture right below your "about me" here on your blog, LOVE that one . I need something shorter too because my hair comes to a little past my jaw line. Your are so talented and I'm so glad Kandee told us where she got hers : ) xoxo - Aubree

  2. AWW! I'm sorry! I was surprised when I woke up this morning and everything was gone!! I'm making more today though. Hopefully have another 10 posted. I'll make some shorter ones too!

    Thanks Aubree!!