Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some earrings for tomorrow!! see comment below, I'll just repeat :)

I'm thinking earrings will go up tomorrow around 2pm my time...California Pacific Time Standard whatever (I've had too much coffee. yes, I relapsed, and making another pot right now)

Heres some pictures of a few things that will be up!! I have 23 made right now. I might be pulling an all nighter! awwwww!!!!

Ok, so I'll get back to work.

Look for our email tomorrow. And I'll post a blog an hour before everything will be up!!



  1. In this post you mentioned to "check your email" to know when they will be posted. How do I get on the email list? :)

  2. Im in the zone, have my game face on ! I see one I would love to have, crossing my fingers ha ha Thanks Cardi !

  3. hahahah! GAME FACE! I love it! Theres SOOOO much stuff don't worry!

    For the email list, email us at and we'll get you on there!! I think we have about 130 people that get emails and about 270 followers on here so if your not on the email list...HIT US UP! We only send emails when there is 10 or more pieces that are going to be listed, we don't send a bunch of crap mail!

  4. Absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!