Friday, February 11, 2011

day off...

Los Angeles Museum of Natural History was kind of a bust. Kind of disappointed. It was nice day out though. Sladen and I went out for an adventure...The giant airplane outside the science center was probably the coolest. I forgot the camera at home or I would post some photos.

I cleaned my room today, got things ready to ship out and now enjoying a lot of company at the house. I'm going to take some photos of what the house looks like and what we do here. My roommates buy and sale vintage clothes so the house is full of jewelry, feathers and vintage just about everything. Theres always lots of people over here...Echo Park has been my favorite place that I've lived in LA....Heres a few photos of my Sladen and my Brother Levi!! Slade was batman all day (face paint at the end of the day) I found Sladen a few minutes ago wrapped up in one of my roommates fur coats jumping on his uncle! so cute.

Lots of messing around today but tomorrow its back to business...I'll have more earrings posted on etsy. Were not doing the flea market again so that means more for you guys!!

Be looking for our email tomorrow night when everything is posted and ready to go!

much loves! always.

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