Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday THURSDAY!

Is it really Thursday already? Wow....

Sladen and I were supposed to go to the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History today, but I don't think its going to happen :( I was up last night until 3am making stuff because I lagged all day. I had my own jewelry room a few months ago but one of our friends needed a place to live so my jewelry desk is now in the living room and I'm finding it really hard to get stuff done with the daily commotion going on around my house. But, everyone went out last night and I found a few hours to sit ALONE in peace and quite to create. It was beautiful. I listened to Sigur Ros and zoned out!

Jonathan just came from outside to upload some photos so I'm going to get out of his way! Earring should be up within a few hours. Theres 7 right now I made last night and I'm going to make more through out today. Maybe when hes done posting these I'll have 3 more! I want to get a bunch up today. I'm on a vitamin boost ( trying to give up coffee) with my slim fast! haha...I love that stuff. Feeling good...ready to go.


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