Saturday, April 10, 2010

the right url

ok, i think i got out to everyone to right url to my little blog!

i'm getting some new parrot feather monday that are AMAZING. i'll for sure post some photos when i get them made and ready to sale.

i don't know if this will work but anyone that wants or needs something asap, give me a buzz and we'll get something worked out. i can send something out personally. if you are interested in something like that, give me a buzz or send me a text 323 301 6031 or if you feel more comfortable going through something like etsy, let me know as well. i'll post picture of items up for grabs monday or tuesday!

also, june 1st my line will be featured with a designer named jessemay so my jewelry will be available through her website then! so exciting!!!

much luv!


  1. I love your feathery earrings!!!! How much do they cost if we want to buy one?

  2. please let me know when your etsy shop is up & running! =) can't wait!

  3. These are terrific, can't wait to get one!