Tuesday, April 13, 2010


so i had quite the day yesterday. haha

i have a fat lip, a fat left hip, i swear my knee is broken. i'll probably have a black eye by tomorrow.

and have no idea what is wrong with me! i was waiting for the bus yesterday morning early early and long story short ended up passing out and falling into the street. i was out for like 45 seconds i guess. it was so embarrassing. the bus driver called 911 and there was a fire truck and ambulance there in 2.6 seconds...crazy. lucky for me they were all very nice and all pretty damn good looking. too bad i probably looked like some crazy person in LA! so instead of riding the bus and train down to the OC my beautiful mother came and got me.

so i'm at my moms relaxing for a few days. i wish i would have brought my stuff down to make some earrings but i think tomorrow when i go back up i'll get down to the get down and get some good stuff made!!

my wonderful boyfriend and business partner is in charge of getting everything online which he has experience doing. i'm so thankful for because i'm not very good at computer stuff.

anyway much luv. send me good juju that i didn't pass out because i'm pregos!!! AWWWW!!!


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