Thursday, December 1, 2011

whats going up on Etsy!

I haven't posted anything new for awhile so I have 7 pieces I'm going to put up possibly tonight or tomorrow morning. These pictures aren't very good :( I really miss Jonathan doing this stuff for me. He was much better than me.

I have more stuff but I'm getting my jewelry in a few shops here so I want to see how this stuff sales first. If it sales, then I'll have much more to post and I can put the stores on hold for another week or so.

If anyone would like Christmas wrapping, I have some cute boxes I can put these in. Just let me send me a message with your purchase!

!!! YAY!!! Finally going to have stuff up!! I'm so excited.


  1. i have never been a tech-savvy person or explored blogs until this one, and im in love with it!!! ive always been a huge fan or feather earrings and really wish to purchase some from you. How do i exactly?

  2. go to my etsy site!