Wednesday, October 26, 2011

FINALLY have a spot!

I signed a year lease yesterday...

I FINALLY have my own place! ITS MY OWN! No room mates...just me and Sladen.

Its right downtown Salt Lake City. I LOVE IT! I have to make a trip to LA next week to get all my stuff out of storage, which is stressing me out big time but, I'll get it figured out.

Its been so hard the last few months not having a place to set up all my jewelry stuff. No desk, no set up, no organization at all. Just working out of boxes. It sucks and has been EXTREMELY irritating. I'm sure anyone can understand that.

I also got a job at a bar/restaurant. I needed to stay busy doing something while I was looking for a place and not doing too much jewelry. Plus, its nice to make cash again. Once I get into this place though, it won't affect my making jewelry making. I'll have plenty of time to get stuff done and made.

I'm also thinking it might be cool to do an item of the month. Its hard for me to get so many different ideas I have into one and focus on one I'm thinking to have a focus for each month. Plus, still do my feathers on the regular. I think this might work good for me. 

ugg...I feel like there is so much to do. 

Does anyone follow instagram on their Iphone? If you do, look me up. I'm going to start posting pictures of more jewelry. My user name is Mommaragdoll. I love instagram.  This should be a good way too to get more pictures out of whats going on and what I'm making. 

kk...Much love to all. I'm out...



  1. yay! congrats on getting a place! I know you have been stressing, but things are coming together! Its a great idea to do item of the month!

    Surrender To Your Inner Artist

  2. Hi I would like to order some of the earrings that Kandee Johnson is wearing in her KNOTTY HAIR 1 minute hair video on youtube. They are silver chain with feathers on the end. My email is Thank you!!