Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Whats up for Tuesday

Its Red Pheasant WEEK! 

This ones is more of Cardi-SLA classic. Its really light and easy to wear. I dig it...

This one is fun because of the 3 cubes...

These ones are having a hard time, But seriously...I think they are probably the best looking earring in. There's a lot going on but I can't get over how AMAZING these look in. This one I made a little shorter than the other ones...It only has 3 layers of feather on 4 strands of leather...So its a bit shorter and wonderful.  

This is a single strand one with some red at the bottom!!

We put a skull on the top of this one after the pictures, We can leave it on or take it off...If anyone would like an updated picture, Let me know! This one is a LOVE!

Ok...So those are the new ones up for today! I have to go grab some more chain to make my coyote teeth earring but some more should be coming within the next few days!


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