Sunday, July 31, 2011


Its been a CRAZY weekend!

Oh man...Things are coming together! Its awesome!

Does anyone want more coyote teeth earrings!? I have to find some new chain but I can have some posted tomorrow!

Also more earrings coming! I'm going to make some that are a bit more mid-range priced...Some smaller one...I just finished making more stuff for the shop and its WONDERFUL!! YAY!

My cousin and I are going to make a promo video for the my jewelry and also my clothes I make. I'm really excited! Shes a professional photographer and has some really good ideas. It'll be good to have I think. Also, I think its really good to see the earrings on someone in movement.

Jonathan is playing a show tonight so I'm gonna go get ready! WHOA!



  1. I liked the pair that you made a while ago with one white coyote tooth and one brown tooth.

  2. I would like to get some earrings just like kandee j is wearing in her latest video please!

  3. OK! I loved the claw and tooth combo too! I'll get some more up maybe later today? I have to get some new chain...