Friday, July 1, 2011

what'd ya think about the new blog colors??

I'm still working on it but I feel like this is a lot easier to read and look at! Right? Let me know what you think!

So tomorrow I'm getting back to work. It's been a busy couple days. I've been watching my little sisters for my mom while she's at work so we've been at the pool a lot, running around, lots of movies and fun.

Its getting closer and closer to New York time. I'm SO STOKED!

Theres LOTS of supplies coming for me so next week is no joke. I'll be posting and taking pictures because Jon will be in New York :(

Not so much on the Love Pouches? I think they will sale well in shop in Brooklyn. They have some already but I must say....I love mine :)

For now, I'm opening up my favorite bottle of wine...Sladen is napping and it's time to make Kandee a new care package. The house is quite, I just got my iPod filled up with some new music...I'm ready to go! :)


Stay tuned for new items going up! It'll probably be within the next few days!


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