Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Medicine pouches!!!!

Good afternoon!

Baby is feeling a little bit better. Thankfully!!

Like I've been saying I've been low on supplies. Feathers. I'm waiting for some stuff in the mail and also I'm taking a train ride to la Friday.

But... I did make some reallllly cool medicine pouches!! I love them! I have made three and I want to keep making more! Heres some photos of what I've made so far.

They are perfect for a mobile wallet! I'm excited about mine I made for me! I made one for Jon too for his phone. Its goes well with the Native American vibe. They're all made with elk and deer skin. Wonderful wonderful. I'm sending one to Kandee! I hope she likes it too!

Also... Just an FYI

If you would like to be added to our emailing list... Email Jon at
He always sends out an small email right before goodies go up on etsy.

Love loves!!!!!

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