Friday, June 10, 2011

Whats up on Etsy....

There's the things up on my Etsy page right

This is really cool necklace that kind ties everything together. Its got the leather, the feathers, the vintage heart piece, sterling silver beads...I love this one. I think a picture of someone wearing it might be good though huh?
This earring is from all natural feathers. Macaw, Orange Tipped Pheasant, Reeves Pheasant and a Turkey Pointer!! Its been up for awhile which I'm surprised because all the natural feathers are awesome together!!

 I have earring like these that I've made myself and I wear them almost every day!! They are natural coyote teeth and claws! You'll never see anything else like them. If anyone would like one individually, let me know!
My hair clip! This also I feel like needs a picture with someone wearing it. Its hard to tell what these are and how they look in...I have a video blog you can check out though. These put a whole new spin on "feather extensions".
This is my FAVORITE "chain earring". I know its different but this thing is killer!!!!!!! It might be in a photo shoot next week here in LA!
And here's the other one too! This one is very light weight, I put the beads together myself with wire work. I didn't model the pictures very well on etsy but...Ya know...hahaha I do what I can.

So that's whats up for now.  I thought I'd give a little preview. I might take everything down and put up all new stuff Tuesday...Take what hasn't sold to New York with me.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Much love!


  1. Do you know what happen to those coyotes whose teeth you sell? I would like to know the story behind it.. Thanks

  2. The place I buy my bones, teeth and claws from is really cool and everything that's sold in the shop is a bi-product...meaning the animals are NOT killed for their bones, teeth, claws, feathers, leather, fur, ect. I've actually bought human bones there! Kinda creepy but I thought it was crazy interesting. So, I'm not too sure about the story. Its an amazing shop. I could spend hours in there. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other question!!

  3. Of course, as with anything in life, you can't be positive where things really come from. It's easy to lie, and unfortunately too many people do. I suppose it's like buying make-up that says not tested on animals, or "free-range" just have to trust that the person before you was honest, and that the person before them was too. No guarantees unfortunately.

  4. Cardi,
    On your page here from the bottom (4th up) there is a feather earring that is long feathers with a skull head at the top, can you make another of these? Also, can you tell me the price!? Thanks :)

  5. Hey Cardi, for the "Tooth and Tooth earring pair" how much would the claw earring be on it's own?

  6. ok...Lets see here...

    Yes, you can't be 100 positive about ANYTHING. But this is the information I've gotten from the store owner who is a really neat lady and I trust her. Everything I make has some kind of animal part on it. If its leather, Feathers, bones, claws or teeth. I'm really inspired by Native American jewelry and art work.

    The pair of earring with the skull at the top! Those are AWESOME huh!!?? Those long skinny feather are IMPOSSIBLE to find now because of the feather extension craze. If I can find them they are SO expensive its not even worth it unless I'm going to charge a 100 bucks for a pair. Its that bad. I can make some like it with different feathers though? Let me know!

    You can check out my jewelry for sale at


    I can split up the tooth and claw earrings. Thats how I wanted them posted but Jon thought they'd be better as a pair. haha...I'll do that tonight!

    LOVES! I hope I answered everyone's questions!