Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday work day

Beautiful day in the OC....

I'm finally up and going for the day. Had my coffee...walked the dogs...just got Sladen lunch...blogging a bit now...I have to organize my desk :/ and then I'm ready to go! I wish I wasn't such a mess! I stay orgainzed for probably.....30 minutes. And then it's back to where I started. haha...

Jonathan might come back to my moms tonight or tomorrow morning to help post. But either way new things will be up tomorrow. This should give me enough time to get a good amount of things together. I'm going to go through my feather containers and pull out good feathers I can use. I find good stuff when I do this. I should take a picture of all my feathers. Or how about a video!? hahaha...Me and Sladen dorkin out with the iPhone video camera! Sladen has been pretend sleeping...Its so funny.

I don't know about my whole video thing. I make the silliest faces! And just giggle! But its fun so...whatever. :)

I'll let ya know about what time Monday. I have to see when Jonathan is coming. It takes him about 3 hours (depending on his mood) to take the photos and get everything posted. 

Loves LOVES!


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