Monday, June 27, 2011

Sick little one :(


I'm still going to post tonight no matter what but it might be later than I thought.  My little Sladen is SICK! oh man...poor guy. He's had a fever all afternoon and hasn't let me get much work done. I thought Jon would be here to help me either make stuff or help me with the Boy but he won't be here until 5.  BUMMMER!!

We'll get this stuff up ASAP!! I have 10 pieces right now that I just need to finish off (wrap and bead!) but I don't know how many more I'll be able to get done. Maybe once he falls asleep tonight I'll be able to get some more going!

I did get some antler tips in the mail today!! I'm stoked to use them. They are a bit heavier and bigger than I thought they would be so I'm only going to be able to make necklaces with them. They are all naturally shed though which is good. I know lots of you are animal friendly and want to know what, why and where this kind of stuff comes from :) I'm about to go buy a new drill!! WHOA!!

Stuff will go up ASAP! I'm sorry you guys! 

Thanks for you patience and understanding!


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