Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is it really 7:30 am again?


I guess my little dog really is part ROOSTER or something? At the crack of dawn... Every morning...licking my face.

These dogs need a good walk before I start trying to work for the day....

Pretty much....THE DL For the day!! is...

my mom is supposed to come me at around 10. 

I'm going to try to see if she come Friday instead so I can work this morning and after noon to get more and more stuff posted...

Jonathan took some indoor photos last night of the new stuff but wants to take a few more when he gets up outside...

WHEN HE GETS UP? hahaha.....Thats the question.

I'm thinking though that earrings will start going up around...1ish my time.  Pacific Standard. Cardi Standard Time is the "ish" on the end. 

I'll post something on my facebook as well right when new goodies go up.

I think I'm going to take the dogs hiking real quick. We live right by  dodgers stadium and theres all these trials and parks right over there. Its really pretty though. 

MUCH LOVES! Thanks for reading.


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