Saturday, April 9, 2011

8 things still left!

Happy Saturday!!

The few things that sold yesterday I'm getting shipped out today! I'm hoping some more stuff will sale before the post office opens!

I had a wonderful day with my mom yesterday. It was so good just to hang out and be with her. This divorces shes going through has been super stressful. I'm sure some of you have been there. Its her second time around too. argh. stupid men. We went and ate at this place called Pink Taco (ha) in Beverly Hills...Its soooo good! I used to work right by it at Juicy Couture (ha). But if anyone comes to the area, I would say to go there!

I just activated the COUPON CODE!





I don't have a car, We bus it around LA. Sometimes its good, sometimes its really annoying. 

but my mom took me to a few places I needed to go yesterday and I got some new CRYSTALS! 

For those of you that like the one sided crystal earrings! I'll have some posted Monday! 

The place that I get them from and a lot of other things I love are going out of business. I'm so sad! I get so many neat, unique things from them. 

Anything that isn't sold by this time tomorrow morning will be taken off etsy as well. I know I've gotten some feed back about not doing that but I'm going to sale at the Flea Market tomorrow, and those pieces will be sold there! I haven't been in about 2 months I think. Its crazy! Its time to go. I sale lots of necklaces, fringe earrings and hair clips there. RENTS DUE! hahaha....

Dogs need a walk, I need some COFFEE! so bad. 



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