Thursday, April 28, 2011


ok...once again...I just finished uploading the pictures!!

Theres 8 new things I'm posting today! I can't believe how much work I've gotten done. I could get use to this living alone thing :)  I had to take all the pictures inside because its too windy outside. Feathers just blow around.

There won't be anything posted tomorrow. I have a doctors appointment and will be gone for most the day. Fun stuff.

I made a hair clip too. Its hard to get a good picture of it though. If anyone has questions about how to wear it let me know. I wish I had someone to model it for me besides Sladen :)

Heres one of my pups Dax and Sladen holding one of my favorites I made today!

So cute! I love my boys!

Heres my little Abby girl...
Sleeping...Lazy dogs

Ok, I'm going to start posting!



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  1. I jst made a purchase as an early birthday gift to myself. =]

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend!