Friday, April 29, 2011

FRIDAY Morning la la la la

I'm so sleeeeeeeeeepy this morning! I don't even know what to do with myself!!!

I really wish I could stay home today and make stuff!! argh.

Be looking for more earrings and stuff on Saturday and Sunday! Today will be the only day I won't be able to get anything up.  :(

I'm renting a car and driving to Utah on Thursday! I'm so excited! I've been wanting to go for months now to see my family and friends. Plane tickets are so expensive and I was surprised it was pretty cheap to rent a car for a week. Lets just hope gas doesn't kill it!!

I'm going to post everyday (except today) until I leave, and then everything that is still up will be taken down...just so if someone buys something its not sitting here for a week until its shipped off.

Ok, me and Sladen are going to go watch Inspector Gadget, hahaha, for another minute until I have to get ready to go.

Much love!!



  1. gas will cost you $320 if you have economy car.. hope that is not 2 much. 1600 miles divided by 25 miles per gallon at $5 per gallon. OUCH . Watch out for the morons I mean Mormons

  2. hahahahaha!! i know huh!? They all look at me so crazy out there! I think they believe I'm from another planet. Or just LA. Its 688 miles. Either way for 3 people flying it was going to be over 900 dollars!!